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After Hurricane Irene Strikes PRO Hardware Stores, PRO Distributors Reach Out to Help


Denver, September 1, 2011 - When Hurricane Irene swept along the East Coast last week, causing billions of dollars worth of flooding and structural damage, it impacted businesses and individuals across the country, including PRO Hardware distributors and retailers.

Though based in Denver, Colorado, PRO Hardware is connected to retailers and distributors throughout the country. Some were damaged in the storm, including Middleburgh PRO Hardware in Middleburgh, New York, which was deluged with more than 6 feet of water. A.J. Young & Son PRO Hardware in Prattsville, New York, was actually knocked off of its foundation by the flood. According to Greene County Administrator Shaun Groden, Prattsville was one of the hardest-hit areas. In a quote to Catskill’s newspaper, The Daily Mail, Groden said, “I have never seen anything like it. The water volume is unbelievable. It was actually larger than the volume of water that rolls over Niagara Falls and it happened in four hours’ time.”

Chris Beach, president and COO of The Bostwick-Braun Company, which is a distributor for both PRO Hardware stores, says that they are working to do everything they can to help out. “We’re in regular contact with both of them, and are on standby to get material and assistance out to them when and where possible,” said Beach. “We’re also in the process of calling other dealers in the area to see what we can do to help.”

Big M Parts & Supply, a PRO Hardware store in Creswell, North Carolina, was struck by a tornado. Eddie Flynn, Vice President with the store’s PRO distributor, Wallace Hardware Company, says that the store was leveled by a tornado that sprung off of Hurricane Irene. He said that Wallace Hardware arranged for Big M’s Plymouth, NC store to have 150 5,500-watt generators delivered early Sunday morning. “They are selling them like candy,” said Flynn. “It is good to be a partner with someone in order to make life better for others.”

As soon as PRO Group found out they had some stores that were damaged by the hurricane they reached out to PRO Key Suppliers to try and solicit support for those retailers, distributors and communities in need.

Brendan Sullivan, PRO’s director of merchandising, said many manufacturers have offered extended dating programs, special product offerings, and expedited shipping.
“The key is to make sure everyone affected by Irene gets their lives and businesses back on track,” Sullivan said.

Shari Kalbach, PRO’s managing director, says that other PRO Group distributors are striving to be helpful in the recovery phase. Kalbach says she’s deeply moved by the impact of the storm and the generosity of PRO’s distributors. “A natural disaster like Hurricane Irene is a true test of spirit,” says Kalbach. “Distributors and retailers are working together and helping out during a time when they’re badly needed.


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